Lillian Tseng

Manager Asia Pacific, Supply Chain CSR & Sustainability - ASICS Corporation

Lillian leads supply chain CSR in a global role. Her responsibilities include developing global strategy, introducing industry best practices and competency to promote suppliers’ compliance management, and engaging stakeholders’ expectations to build collaborate partnerships.

Prior to ASICS, Lillian was Area Manager of adidas Group, where she assumed responsibility for the North Asia region for Social and Environmental Affairs between 2000 and 2012. During her tenure with the adidas, she developed an energy savings program, an environmental management accounting program, a CSR and Lean system synergy project, and migrant worker projects.

Lillian has a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering & Management from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and she is now PhD candidate in the Graduate Institute of Management at the same university.

Lillian’s breadth of experience includes Industrial Management; Manufacturing Operation and Management; CSR Compliance & Auditing; CSR Management System and Capacity Building; Safety and Environmental Accounting Management; Environmental Assessment; Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Materiality Analysis, Social and Environmental Life Cycle Analysis.