Company Details

  1. Answer the following questions

    1. Policies, Procedures and Controls_ The Company has established effective policies, procedures and controls

  2. 1.1 Does your company have a Vendor Code of Conduct (CoC)?
  3. 1.2 Do you have guidelines in support of CoC implementation that explain or further describe your specific expectations?
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  5. Answer the following questions

    2. Program Oversight_ Company has taken steps to ensure that program is overseen by employees at the appropriate level and with the appropriate training.

  6. 2.1 Are internal responsible sourcing auditors employed by your company?
  7. 2.2 Do you engage third party audit firms to conduct social audits?
  8. 2.3 Does your company have local staff in all manufacturing countries?
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  10. Answer the following questions

    3. Communication and Training_ Company provides communication and training on requirements to employees and suppliers.

  11. 3.1 Describe your responsible sourcing training efforts for company staff. This includes in person training, webinars and/or elearnings. Select all that apply.
    We train staff upon hire
    We train staff annually
    We email requirements to staff
    We do not train staff
  12. 3.2 Describe your responsible sourcing training efforts for suppliers and factories. Select all that apply.
    We train suppliers / factories when we begin work
    We train suppliers / factories annually
    We train suppliers / factories when there is a problem
    We do not train suppliers / factories
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  14. Answer the following questions

    4. Auditing and Monitoring_ Company staff follow its own policies and procedures and Company regularly audits and monitors supplier compliance to requirements.

  15. 4.1 Have you established or adopted a responsible sourcing audit process (either using internal staff or an external third party)?
  16. 4.2 How is improvement verified?
  17. 4.3 If you have established a process, are all factories audited for responsible sourcing?
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  19. Answer the following questions

    5. Consistent Enforcement and Discipline_ Rules and regulations are consistently enforced and there are consequences for noncompliance.

  20. 5.1 Do you have a list of violations considered critical or “zero tolerance”?
  21. 5.2 Please select all issues on your zero tolerance list.
    Child labor
    Forced labor
    Health and safety that poses an immediate risk to workers
    Wage violations
    Excessive working hours
    Falsified records
    Building safety violations
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  23. Answer the following questions

    6. Continuous Improvement and Program Effectiveness_ The company takes steps to track program effectiveness, responds appropriately to incidents, and take steps to prevent future incidents.

  24. 6.1 Do you review and update your Responsible Sourcing policies and procedures at least annually?
  25. 6.2 Does your company provide support to factories for remediation and capacity building?
  26. 6.3 If yes, what type of work has been done with factories? Select all that apply.
    Management Systems
    Health and Safety
    Wage and Hours transparency
    Building and Fire Safety
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