Manufacturing in the apparel sector continues to diversify across Asia as companies look for alternative sourcing markets and balance the variables of cost, quality, capacity, speed, and risk, while achieving responsible sourcing objectives.

This webinar explores ELEVATE’s unique in country expertise in key Asian markets for the apparel sector, specifically China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Pakistan. We will evaluate insights gained from ELEVATE’s audit and survey data, and trend analysis as the basis for more effective program design.
Join us to:

  • Gain insight into apparel factory demographics including sourcing countries, sizes by sector, brand leverage and correlations with transparency and ethics.
  • Understand wage and working hour trends by country over the last 3-5 years, as well as legal requirements vs. industry averages for minimum, overtime and peak hours.
  • Learn social compliance trends including the top 10 non-compliance types by country, sector, closure rates and root-cause analysis.

ELEVATE conducts over 12,000 audits a year, primarily in Asia in the apparel, textiles, retail, consumer goods and electronics sectors. In our webinar, Trends in the Apparel Sector in Asia, we draw on the findings from these audits and related analysis from ELEVATE’s worker surveys, eLearning and other sources to formulate a rich picture of business risk, opportunity and impact.


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