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Announcing new strategic partnership with Li & Fung

  • Published: 15 April 2018

ELEVATE is now providing the operational support and management of Li & Fung’s Vendor Compliance & Sustainability (VCS) services.

VCS services include:

  • audit operations
  • equivalency
  • CAP processing and remediation
  • incident management
  • capacity building
  • analytics

Li & Fung will retain responsibility for strategy, policy, governance and the overall program, including key customer relationship management.

During this transition, it’s business as usual. The person you contacted before is the same person you should contact today. We have established an ELEVATE helpdesk to help you during this transition. We look forward to working with you.

In order for us to speed up our response, would you please share some information pertaining to your enquiry.

Are you within Li & Fung?

If you are a Li & Fung merchandiser, business unit, or operate elsewhere in the Li & Fung business, click here and our leaders Mark Jones and Jim Leung are ready to answer your questions.

Are you in the broader Li & Fung network?

If you are a supplier in the Li & Fung network and have any questions, click here to submit your enquiries.

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