Erinch Sahan delivers keynote at ELEVATE Leadership Series in London

  • Published: 9 November 2017

The ELEVATE Leadership Series returned to London on 9 November 2017 with Oxfam’s Erinch Sahan delivering the keynote address at this year’s event.

As head of Oxfam’s Future of Business Initiative and previously the Oxfam International lead on the scorecard for the Big 10 food companies in the Behind the Brands campaign, Erinch challenged Leadership Series participants to look beyond the rhetoric of sustainability and address issues that transcend commercial and societal realms. During his keynote address ‘Fit for Purpose Supply Chains’, Erinch shared Oxfam data to guide next-generation solutions, exploring how good practices will:

  • Engage deeply with supply chains
  • Require long-term commitment to and partnerships with suppliers
  • Extend beyond parameters of commodity markets, and make bold commitments to transform supply chains

Joining Erinch, ELEVATE’s team from UK, Europe, USA, and Asia lended global insights to best practices, starting with ELEVATE CEO Ian Spaulding’s ‘Top Trends and Innovations in Responsible Supply Chain Programs’. Additional sessions captured proven successes and innovations from top speakers in the industry:

  • The investor view of social performance
  • Future Proof – building the right programme
  • Future Proof – having a direct impact on workers
  • Changing the dynamic for impact – Supplier Ownership
  • The Lightning Round
  • Becoming Predictive – the drive for data and the need for data quality

The ELEVATE Leadership Series 2017 in London delivered constructive and provocative dialogue, actionable takeaways, and networking to advance your responsible sourcing plans and programs.

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