Big Data, Technology and Sustainability in the Age of Digital Transformation

  • World Ballroom C, 23/F
  • 19 September 2019
  • 11:00-12:30 (BKK Time)

From real-time supply chain optimization and the internet of things (IoT), to blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), Asia is ahead of most regions in the age of digital transformation. Whilst technology and the use of data and AI have been lauded for its ability to enhance productivity and innovation, it has equally been in the spotlight for a series of less appealing outcomes including unemployment, increased inequalities as well as issues relating to data privacy and resulting diminishing public trust. Many are concerned that technological advancements are outpacing our understanding of the deeper ethical outcomes or regulatory frameworks. This session will be a lively debate amongst panellists from different backgrounds and perspectives, deliberating tough questions on the business ethics of our fast-paced digital world and its implications for sustainability and supply chains in Asia.

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Clair Deevy

Director of Public Policy


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Richard Liu

Head of Sustainability

Huawei Consumers Business Group

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About ELEVATE - Our People - Dr Kevin Franklin

Dr. Kevin Franklin

Managing Director, ELEVATE  |  Managing Director, ESG


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