Rethinking the Future – New Approaches to Innovation and Transformation

  • World Ballroom, 23/F
  • 19 September 2019
  • 16:00 - 17:00 (BKK)

You can only build a strategy if you have a view of the future. We know the future will be different. But how do we shape our strategy when the world just gets more complex?

Today’s typical two to five year strategic/operational plans are no longer adequate to deal with our current climate of constantly evolving business environment. Large established institutions are either being disrupted by faster, nimbler start-ups, or are increasingly being cornered into reactive entities trying to stay alive. Transformation is an imperative; but new approaches are needed to do so.

In this session, we would explore two new perspectives – Zoom out, Zoom in, and Scaling Edges, on driving institutional innovation and transformation. The session will end with an exercise of putting these perspectives into practice for a topic that is relevant to you.

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Duleesha Kulasooriya

Managing Director

Deloitte Center for the Edge

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