Training 1: Building and Implementing a Sustainability Strategy

  • Lotus Suite 11, 22/F
  • 17 September 2019
  • 09:00-12:00 (BKK Time)

This practical session is aimed at companies who want to make their sustainability strategies truly strategic and embedded into the organization. We will look at how companies can develop sustainability roadmaps and move from sustainability initiatives to a coherent sustainability strategy. We will examine the structures and systems that need to be put in place in an organization to create value and enable integration of sustainability issues into business planning and processes. The course will build on a strategic framework that has been tried and tested with a number of CSR Asia clients. It will look at successful implementations plans and how to get employee buy-in through “champions”.

Topics covered:

  • Finding the business case for sustainability
  • Building a strategy for sustainability: a 12-point plan
  • Practices for sustainability integration and implementation

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Aaron Sloan

Aaron Sloan

Project Manager

CSR Asia

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