2021 – Top 10 Trends in Responsible Sourcing

  • December 14, 2021
  • 11 am HKT / 11 am EST

2021 has brought us vaccine rollouts and signs of economic recovery but the lingering effects of COVID-19 continue to contribute to unprecedented supply chain disruptions.

This past year has presented manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors across all tiers in the supply chain, new and complicated challenges. Retailers are working out of bankruptcy, suppliers are still financially fragile from canceled orders, transportation systems a mess together with WRO’s have made getting goods from manufacturer to shelf a nightmare. As many sourcing teams across our customers have said “We have never worked so hard in our lives”. Yes, it is possible that the Time Magazine Person of the Year may turn out to be the Supply Chain Manager.

This tumult is met with a trifecta of unprecedented attention: the investment community has sharpened its focus on corporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices; Governments worldwide have increased regulatory pressure on due diligence and disclosure of responsible sourcing practices, and the media and other stakeholders continue to call to action companies to “do more”.

With this backdrop, ELEVATE is releasing its much-anticipated 2021 Top 10 Trends in Responsible Sourcing. Join ELEVATE’s CEO Ian Spaulding on December 14th at 11 am HKT and 11 am EST for ELEVATE’s biggest event of the year – the top 10 trends in 2021 for sustainability and responsible sourcing in supply chains as we head out of 2021 and embrace 2022.


Ian Spaulding

Ian Spaulding

Chief Executive Officer, ELEVATE

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