CSR Cost of Ownership

  • Online
  • 06 May 2015
  • 11:00 AM (EDT)

ELEVATE conducted its second social and environmental budget survey in 2014. The results suggested, and our experience confirms, that few companies are focused on understanding the cost of their social performance program and fewer have actually done it. While most companies have a good sense for their direct costs, they are a lot less clear when it comes to costs borne by suppliers and factories. Total CSR cost of ownership is one of the key variables to measuring program effectiveness and more companies should be setting out to develop a much more complete view on the cost of compliance. After all, there would be a different conclusions on program effectiveness if executives found that the year to year improvement in audit results for 15% of the factory base came at a cost of $300,000 vs $3,000,000.

This webinar will provide insights into how to build a cost of ownership model, its component parts, how to collect the data and how to use it to build a case for program effectiveness.

Come join Mark for this unique discussion.


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