ELEVATE Webinar: The Future of Due Diligence in Seafood

Almost two decades ago, the UN published guidelines for voluntary disclosure related to human rights. What we have seen since that time is a shift from voluntary disclosure to mandatory disclosure to mandatory due diligence, most recently with the EU Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence this year.

It is widely documented and acknowledged that seafood, particularly in the SEA region, poses high risks related to human rights, including forced labor, and business risks as well (e.g. 3 U.S. government withhold release orders in 2020). Industry leaders have mapped their supply chain, and many companies have made commitments to primarily environmental certifications and/or initiatives. However, given the current legislative and investor climate, there is an opportunity for the seafood industry to do more to mitigate and remediate these risks by moving beyond traditional risk-based compliance mechanisms toward enduring programs that build value for and with workers, communities, and companies.

By sharing tools, trends, and best practices within the seafood sector, and also drawing from other sectors, we will provide some pragmatic ideas on how to progress along your journey of discovery and disclosure related to human rights in seafood.

Join ELEVATE’s Meghan Quinlan and FishWise’s Jen Cole as they discuss how to support a responsible seafood supply, particularly risk assessments and improvements, to key topics like how recruitment can be used to support a robust due diligence approach. They will provide insights on:

  • Adopting an effective due diligence approach in seafood
  • Building a program that proactively monitors and captures actual supply chain risks
  • Proactively identifying future risks
  • What steps can be taken to advance responsible recruitment in your supply chains

Through this webinar, attendees will identify the next steps they can take to advance social responsibility in seafood supply chains through tools, resources, and collaboration.


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