ELEVATE Webinar: Our view on the Responsible Sourcing Risk Outlook 2021

  • March 23, 2021
  • 11:00 am HKT and 11:00 am EST

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The first few weeks and months of 2021 have given us cautious optimism. They have also made it clear that the disruptions and uncertainty of last year will continue. Questions around new country-entry, factory diversification, shorter production times, factory closure and remote monitoring are increasingly the “new normal” for supply chains and responsible sourcing professionals. Coupled with this new normal is a powerful set of high impact business risks e.g. wage gap, domestic migrant workers and sub-contracting.

This webinar shares risk intelligence from our newly updated and launched state-of-the-art EiQ risk indices for 2021. Key findings from this analysis will be used to surface the top 10 countries and issues and to explore their implications for your business. Join our thought leaders of the future Dingxiaozi Ding (Ding Ding) and Filippo Sebastio on March 23rd at 11:00 am EST and 11:00 am HKT as they reveal our seminal responsible sourcing program intelligence for 2021.

This webinar will support you and your teams to:

  • Understand how geopolitical, social and economic trends impact your supply chain
  • Explore the key findings from our **new** Supply Chain Risk Indices 2021
  • Evaluate countries incl. Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, United States and more
  • Identify the new tools required for an agile beyond-compliance program design

Responsible sourcing programs in 2021 need to be being data-driven, use accurate trend analytics and proactively flag hotspots. Is your program still ready and fit-for-purpose?

Guest speakers: CEO Ian Spaulding and Chief Product Officer Dr. Kevin Franklin.

Scheduled speakers:

  • Dingxiaozi Ding (Ding Ding), Director, Product and Analytics, ELEVATE
  • Filippo Sebastio, Senior Analyst, ELEVATE


Dingxiaozi Ding (Ding Ding)

Director, Product and Analytics, ELEVATE

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Filippo Sebastio

Filippo Sebastio

Head of Analytics in Product and Analytics, ELEVATE

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Ian Spaulding

Ian Spaulding

Chief Executive Officer, ELEVATE

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About ELEVATE - Our People - Dr Kevin Franklin

Dr. Kevin Franklin

Chief Operating Officer, Advisory | Chief Product Officer, ELEVATE

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