The Role of Technology to Scale Worker Engagement

  • Online
  • 01 November 2017
  • 02:00 PM (EDT)

Can technological advances in worker engagement promote both worker well-being and business objectives?

In August 2017, ELEVATE acquired Laborlink with the promise of driving further innovation into the responsible sourcing paradigm. Laborlink has reached over 1 million workers to date, and has collected over 3.5 million data insights directly from workers. Worker-led insights can transform the way we understand factory conditions and improvements, putting people at the heart of supply chain responsibility while simultaneously driving better business solutions.

Laborlink technology is now being integrated into ELEVATE’s auditing, self-assessment, capacity-building and supplier ownership processes. In this webinar, Beth Holzman and Dr. Kevin Franklin will share about ELEVATE’s new worker engagement approaches.

By deploying scalable technology, brands, retailers and suppliers gain access to enhanced analytics that produce unique information about possible risks, areas for continuous improvement, and better ways to engage and retain a factory’s most valuable asset – its workforce. Workers benefit from having direct, unfiltered, trusted channels to share their voice and improve their own knowledge.

These gains in worker engagement create a compelling win-win scenario for business and global efforts to protect human rights and safeguard work environments.


Beth Holzman

Beth Holzman, Director Supply Chain & Human Rights

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About ELEVATE - Our People - Dr Kevin Franklin

Dr. Kevin Franklin

Chief Operating Officer, Advisory | Chief Product Officer, ELEVATE

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About ELEVATE - Our People - Heather Canon (Franzese)

Heather Canon

Vice President, Capacity Building, ELEVATE

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