ELEVATE Strategic Partner webinar: Using evidence to increase program effectiveness and drive innovation

  • Online
  • 16 April 2020
  • 16:00 (Singapore Time)

Recording coming soon

What is good evidence? Why is it important in grantmaking? How can it be leveraged to improve outcomes?

This webinar is targeted at companies and foundations seeking to refine their grant making approach and social investment decisions. It stresses the importance of a rigorous evidence base for sustained and effective implementation of interventions that truly work and can support scale-up. CEI’s Executive Director Robyn Mildon and Managing Director Mary Abdo will showcase the importance of evidence and provide insights into how good evidence and effective evaluation can improve philanthropic outcomes.

The session will also provide an understanding of the questions that corporate funders need to ask and the pitfalls they need to avoid to be able to determine the effectiveness of programs and innovations.

This session will feature a real-world example from Macquarie Group Foundation, with whom CEI worked in 2019 to examine evidence to support its grant giving. The Foundation head, Lisa George, will share why Macquarie commissioned this work and what learnings it has driven for the foundation.

This webinar is part of the ELEVATE Strategic Partner Program’s Stakeholder Engagement and Impact workstream. Learn more.


About the Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI)


CEI is a global, non-profit team of research, policy and practice experts based in Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom, working with policy makers, governments, practitioners, program providers, organisation leaders and funders. CEI staff are experts in accessing, synthesizing and analyzing high quality research to provide insights into what the evidence says is effective. CEI uses rigorous methods and tools to trial, test and evaluate policies, practice and programs to ensure they are delivering the best possible outcomes for the communities they serve.


About the Macquarie Group Foundation (MGF)


The Macquarie Group Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Macquarie Group. We provide support to hundreds of community organisations globally each year through financial support, volunteering and skills sharing, predominantly in the locations in which Macquarie operates.

Our work is significantly influenced by the activities of Macquarie staff with a focus on capacity building within the community sector and increasing social and economic mobility. Since inception in 1985, the Foundation and Macquarie employees have donated more than $360 million to charities around the world.  We also believe in the importance of capacity building and innovation within the sector to increase its effectiveness.


Robyn Mildon

Executive Director, Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI)

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Maryanna Abdo

Managing Director, Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI)

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Lisa George

Global Head, Macquarie Group Foundation Division Director, Macquarie Group

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