Webinar – An introduction to gender lens investing and how to address gender equality from a finance and funding perspective (in partnership with Fair Finance Asia)

  • Online
  • May 29, 2019

In recent years, increasing awareness and emphasis on achieving gender equality has drawn interest towards a specific investment and funding approach by applying a gender lens to the investment and funding decisions made.

During this webinar, Fair Finance Asia aims to explore the landscape together with the speakers from the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), Patamar Capital (an impact investing firm based in Asia), and VISA Foundation. The panelists will discuss how the gender lens is being applied in investment and funding decisions, the challenges encountered, and its future outlook.





Naoko Kimura, Manager, Membership, Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

Dondi Hananto, Partner, Patamar Capital

Rob Meloche, Program Officer, VISA Foundation