Webinar – The ELEVATE Update on China social insurance: What you need to know now

  • Online
  • 19 December 2018
  • 03:00 PM (中国时间 - 普通话) & 05:00 PM (China Time - English)

This webinar recording is available in both Mandarin Chinese and in English.



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The ELEVATE Update on China social insurance: What you need to know now

达岸公司ELEVATE有关中国社会保险改革的资讯分享: 这可能是你目前需要了解的事情。

The Reform Plan of Collection & Management of National Tax and Local Tax was promulgated by the Chinese Government in July 2018. On 1 January 2019, the responsibility for collecting and administering all five types of the social insurance items will be the responsibility of local tax authorities.


What does this mean for your organization?


With the full implementation of the Reform Plan, it is expected that enterprises may face increased social insurance premium since the tax authorities will have direct access to the social insurance premium records of PRC enterprises.


This webinar will help you:


  • Learn the scope and timing of the Reform Plan
  • 知道改革方案的实施时间及适用范围。
  • Know potential impacts to labor costs and employee stability
  • 认识改革方案对劳动力成本和职工稳定性的潜在影响。
  • Understand how this affects your responsible sourcing program and any necessary adjustments
  • 了解改革方案如何影响您们的负责任采购项目,以便作出一些需要的调整
  • Consider the likely short-term path to be followed by the Government
  • 探索政府可能采取的短期措施。

Two webinars are scheduled on 19 December 2018 to serve our clients and partners in China (Mandarin Chinese language) and outside China (English language).


Mandarin Chinese language webinar – 19 December 2018 – 3:00-4:00pm China time.
English language webinar – 19 December 2018 – 5:00-6:00pm China time.


Access to the webinars will be available on www.elevatelimited.com after 19 December.


Webinar presenters:


Presenters include ELEVATE’s Raymond Huang and Yang Lei, and Cliff Liu of LFVATE, a division of ELEVATE.


Raymond Huang is Vice President, Assessment, North Asia. He joined ELEVATE in 2005 and has grown the North Asia assessment business to cover multiple services and functions. Prior to joining ELEVATE, Raymond was the China compliance manager for Sears/Kmart and Target Corporation’s senior compliance officer.


Cliff Liu is Senior Manager, LFVATE, a division of ELEVATE. Prior to joining LFVATE, he worked at Li & Fung, helping to oversee the assessment and assurance programs in South China. He holds a PhD (Law) and an MSc in Occupational Health & Safety, and is qualified as a PRC lawyer and PRC energy efficiency assessor.


Yang Lei is based in ELEVATE’s Hangzhou office where he serves as Senior Manager, Technical & HZ QA, Assessment Services. He joined ELEVATE in 2007 and has conducted around 1000 assessments and various improvement programs. Yang Lei helped develop the ELEVATE Responsible Sourcing Assessment (ERSA) tool.

杨雷先生是ELEVATE中国区的高级技术经理,主要负责评审服务的技术支持及品质保证。杨先生2007年加入ELEVATE,由他负责的的评审及各类型的改善项目大约有1000多项。除此之外,杨先生还协助ELEVATE开发了 “负责任采购评估工具”(ERSA)。


English language webinar playback