Webinar – Wellness at Work – Understanding employment regulations in China during COVID-19 用中文呈现

  • 19, 24 and 26 March 2020





  • 如何正确处理劳动关系
  • 复工前后工资待遇
  • 社保新政

科学精准的疫情防控 (湖北开放离鄂通道,你准备好了吗?)

  • 人员筛查指引(人员返岗及新员工招聘)
  • 口罩佩戴指引
  • 体温测量指引

Note: Government policies are evolving to reflect post-COVID-19 conditions. Some guidance provided in this webinar may be superseded. Please consult local authorities for the latest government policies.

COVID-19 has deeply impacted manufacturing in China. ELEVATE is guiding factories in China back to full production and promoting worker wellness during this major transition. Following the successful launch of our first webinar in the Wellness at Work series, ELEVATE is pleased to present a second webinar to help factory managers, supervisors and workers understand employment regulations in China during COVID-19.

In this webinar, we explore updated government policies related to COVID-19, including employment relationship, payment of wages, social insurance, and preventive measures during COVID-19. Watch the free 60-minute webinar (Chinese language) to learn how to develop clarity around the impact of COVID-19 on employee-related regulations.

Our senior manager for technical services covers:

Key compliance requirements

  • Employment relationship
  • Payment of wages
  • Social insurance

Guidance on preventive measures (are you ready for workers from high risk areas?)

  • Risk mapping and employee screening
  • Guidance for wearing masks
  • Guidance for temperature monitoring


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Additional learning:

For additional learning, ELEVATE has created a Wellness at Work eLearning curriculum. This curriculum provides almost 3 hours of best-practice information related to managing health and safety and providing workers with adequate channels for communication. It is now available at a 40% discount to help your teams return to work safely and productively.

The curriculum also includes an extensive suite of courses related to common code of conduct requirements – a valuable training tool that you can utilize to demonstrate your commitment to code compliance during times of audit disruption. Implore your management teams and office staff to enroll in this interactive training, test their knowledge through comprehensive quizzes and download training certificates, all in Chinese and English. Enroll now.



Yang Lei

Senior Manager, Global Technical, Assessment Services

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