Webinar – Wellness at Work: Supporting workers during an epidemic 用中文呈现

  • March 5, 2020


参加达岸公司举办的免费的网络研讨会(中文- 45分钟)来了解该如何与员工有效沟通并给予他们必要的心理支持。

COVID-19 has deeply impacted manufacturing in China and worldwide, not to mention workers, families and communities. As you look to resume production, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of guidance and information you’ve received related to containment efforts.

A key component of this guidance aimed at factories in China is worker communication. Workers need to understand what you are doing and what role they play. They also need additional support to help them handle the pressure and anxiety in the current climate.

This free 60-minute ELEVATE (in Mandarin Chinese) will help you learn how to proactively communicate with workers and effectively provide the emotional support they need.



Dingxiaozi Ding (Ding Ding)

Director, Product and Analytics, ELEVATE

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Ted Wang of ELEVATE

Ted Wang

Consultant, Factory Services, ELEVATE

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