WorkerApp+: How real-time insight from workers can flag risks and build more resilient supply chains

  • April 15, 2021
  • 11:00 am HKT and 11:00 am EST

COVID-19 has accelerated our collective interest in digital tools like smartphone apps to support remote monitoring, access near real-time incident alerts and promote worker well-being. Such apps are now able to empower and surface bottom-up intelligence from both factory managers and workers in most key sourcing geographies. This means more visibility of working conditions, business risks and the opportunity to implement direct-to-worker capacity building programs. Such apps can also provide brands and retailers with unique 360-degree program insights, analytics and access to a viable grievance mechanism.

The launch of ELEVATE’s WorkerApp+ will connect data-feeds directly from factories and workers into our EiQ platform and build shared accountability and transparency into the supplier base by:

  • Amplifying worker voice: With the anonymous feedback and grievance feature, workers can flag sensitive issues that may otherwise go undetected and empower managers to remediate.
  • Enabling proactive management: By providing access to more information and joined-up analytics, managers can better predict, identify and resolve key risks and trends.
  • Enhancing worker well-being: Direct-to-worker information improves access to critical information on safety issues such as COVID-19 measures and real-time operational changes.

Join ELEVATE’s Sung In Marshall (Associate Director, Worker Engagement) and Kevin Franklin (Chief Product Officer) in a discussion on the role of digital technologies, WorkerApp+ and direct worker engagement as a mechanism to surface risk insight and build resilience. We will explore:

  • How technology-supported factory and worker engagement can support best-in-class supply chain management, program effectiveness and business continuity
  • The risks and unintended consequences of 24 / 7 / 365 communication with factories and workers. Are your programs and teams ready for direct engagement?
  • How companies might benefit by gaining direct, unfiltered insights from workers to proactively detect sensitive and endemic issues
  • Whether businesses that invest in open and trusted lines of communication with workers can minimize and overcome supply chain disruptions


Sung In Marshall

Associate Director, Worker Engagement, ELEVATE

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About ELEVATE - Our People - Dr Kevin Franklin

Dr. Kevin Franklin

Chief Operating Officer, Advisory | Chief Product Officer, ELEVATE

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