Sponsoring the CSR Asia Summit offers long lasting benefits, well beyond the close of the event. Our sponsors continue to be engaged with CSR Asia as our Strategic Partners and benefit from our cutting-edge intelligence, strategic advisory and networking. Packages have been developed to maximise exposure and activities for all sponsors and include:


    •  Speaking opportunities

    •  Branded lunch and dinner

    •  Exhibit space in high traffic areas

    •  Extensive logo placement in event marketing materials, website, programs

    •  Multiple conference passes

Why Sponsor?

Sponsoring the CSR Asia Summit 2016 presents a unique opportunity for your organisation to highlight its commitment and support to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. It offers your organisation:


    •  Marketing opportunities and international exposure during the entire life of the event

    •  An opportunity to reinforce your brand and build brand awareness amongst a relevantaudience

    •  Exposure at a premier conference devoted tothose involved in corporate sustainability

    •  Time to showcaseyour approach to sustainability to a pertinent audience

    •  A platform to discuss key sustainability issues with business leaders and experts

    •  Access to approximately 600 influential and engaged delegates

    •  A networking opportunity to build and reinforce strategic relationships with key partners

Contact us for more information:


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Email: [email protected]

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