Exploring Audit Quality: What really matters?

  • Online
  • 28 June 2017
  • 11:00 AM (EDT) 05:00 PM (CST)

How can we consistently achieve high audit quality? Learn from ELEVATE’s global quality and operational leaders about those elements that truly matter!

  • Audit Program Design: A well designed audit program will help identify the real supply chain risks. Your program should be based on comprehensive audit standard, supplier segmentation, an audit+ model and data analysis
  • The Auditor: How can we ensure the auditor has the right skillset? Establishing a robust auditor training and qualification program is a key success factor. Auditors are more likely to be highly performing when they have a clear career development path and uphold standards of high integrity in collaboration with external academies and initiatives, such as APSCA
  • Delivery Protocols: Appropriate audit protocols will help avoid mistakes and they will promote timely deliverables. A comprehensive and detailed report builds out the other key element of quality audit

Join us for this timely webinar on industry initiatives and core standards.


Davis Guan

Vice President, Global Quality and Integrity

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Sherrie Esposito

Vice President, Operations, Americas and EMEA, ELEVATE

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