Webinar – Cutting Through the Noise: The future of social auditing

  • Online
  • 24 Apr 2019
  • 05:00 PM (CST) & 11:00 AM (ET)

This webinar explores the market drivers and behaviors that have historically impacted social auditing. Andrew Savini and Erin Lyon look at new and emerging trends – both positive and negative – that are challenging traditional conventions in top-down approaches to social compliance auditing and more.

This honest conversation covers:

  • The stain of underserved social auditing
  • A reminder of where we came from
  • Fatigue Fatigue – how ego has distracted an industry
  • The humans behind the reports
  • Cutting through the noise and making use of the proliferation of social audits
  • The future: Complementary or disruptive detection methodologies?
  • Using audits and the culture sift to focus on remediation
  • The design of the perfect program: audits and program effectiveness


Andrew Savini

Andrew Savini

Vice President, ELEVATE

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Erin Lyon

Erin Lyon

Director, Europe, ELEVATE

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