Hamlin Metzger – ELEVATE Sustainability Journeys Podcast

  • August 14, 2019

Podcast Episode 5: Hamlin Metzger

In Episode 5 of ELEVATE Sustainability Journeys, Hamlin Metzger, Director of Responsible Sourcing at Best Buy joins podcast hosts Ian Spaulding and Margot Sfeir. Every person’s sustainability career evolves differently and Hamlin’s is no exception. Through his 20-year long career at Best Buy, he has built the sustainability function from the ground up. From positions in buying and merchandising to raising awareness of corporate responsibility to strengthening the company’s focus on human rights and supply chain, Hamlin has help shaped Best Buy’s sustainability commitment over the years.

What’s next? Hamlin is looking to increase program effectiveness and impact by finding optimal ways to augment traditional social audits. He’s is working to leverage technology to improve effectiveness in worker engagement to benefit both worker conditions and factory performance.

Listen in to the conversation around this sustainability journey – both Hamlin’s and that of Best Buy. You can pick up good clues for writing your own job description!

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