Aye Mya Mya Soe

General Manager, Indonesia, Peak DMC

Aye joined PEAK DMC in 2014 in Myanmar, but worked in the hospitality and tourism beforehand. PEAK DMC values responsible travel practices in operating the business and that gave her good opportunities to be involved in some innovative projects. She developed their first community-based tourism project in central Myanmar in partnership with Action Aid Myanmar and it was very well recognized by the stakeholders within the country as well as internationally and received many awards. Then, she set up a couple of similar projects with different communities in the country and they were all quite successful in terms of the developing the confidence of the communities to host the international travelers and the overall enjoyment of PEAK DMC’s travelers.

To Aye, travel does not only mean to see the main attraction of the destination, but to understand more about the people living in those places and the nature and culture and PEAK DMC’s travelers love. Aye feels lucky to be with PEAK DMC as the company has such initiative projects worldwide.

Aye’s newest adventure began in October 2019 where she now leads interesting projects through PEAK DMC Indonesia.


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