Christoph (Chris) Langwallner

Initiator of Nutritional Paradox & CEO and Co-founder, NamZ Pte. Ltd.

After two decades working for some of the biggest names in the agriculture and food industry and a successful entrepreneurial career as the founder of one of the leading food ingredients businesses in Asia, Chris co-founded NamZ five years ago with world renowned food and cosmetic ingredients innovator, Dr. Peter S. J. Cheetham.

Singapore-headquartered NamZ Pte. Ltd. is a bio-science based, consumer-focused, innovation incubator. He is responsible for its three differentiated subsidiaries that use bioscience and new technology to create natural foods, beverages and cosmetics ingredients sustainably.

Enthusiastically, Chris brings fair and inclusive business strategies, sciences, and remarkable people together to create nutritious products for a profoundly healthier planet, humanity and economy.

Inspired to alleviate sustainably the Nutritional Paradox, NamZ uses science, technology, consumer insights and climate change resilient Future-Fit crops that grow economically on marginalized, degraded arable land and thus protecting areas of significant ecological importance.

The Nutritional Paradox is an initiative of NamZ that aims to bring people from all walks of life to resolve the quadruple burden of hunger, obesity, micronutrient deficiencies and the destruction of our planet caused by the current food system.

Chris is passionate about changing the world one meal at the time.

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