Gary Shaw

Gary Shaw

CSR Manager, Kathmandu

Prior to his role at Kathmandu, Gary was the Director of an anti-trafficking organisation that utilized the skills and professional experience of New Zealand and Australian Police Detectives to document cases of sex trafficking in Southeast Asia. The evidence gathered was used to facilitate the rescue of the victims and the prosecution of the perpetrators involved.

Gary has applied the learnings and experience from his human rights background to his current role as Kathmandu CSR Manager, responding to the very real social challenges inherent in the global supply chain as an authentic expression of the purpose and values of the company.

He has initiated a strong partnership with ELEVATE, focusing on those initiatives that go beyond auditing and lead to genuine improvement in the lives of workers and real growth in both business development and worker engagement. Gary is passionate about the critical role that wider business and corporate community can play in addressing many of the world’s most pressing issues, especially modern slavery.

Gary holds a BA (Sociology and Psychology) from Canterbury University, Christchurch, and a Master’s degree (Third World Economic and Community Development) from Eastern University, Philadelphia.