Ian Spaulding

Ian Spaulding

Founder of ELEVATE and LRQA CEO

Ian Spaulding joined LRQA in 2022 as Chief Growth Officer (CGO) following the acquisition of ELEVATE, where he was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for over nine years.

Ian is an experienced business development professional, skilled in sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, business planning, leadership, and analytical skills. Ian has a demonstrated history of leading and driving innovations in sustainability and supply chain risk assessment throughout the management consulting industry, and successfully founded a world-class risk and sustainability solutions organization.

In his current role as CGO at LRQA, Ian leads key growth initiatives to help reshape the organization and ensure that the evolving needs of clients are met. Ian works across all LRQA’s business units driving internal alignment, unlocking growth initiatives, delivering digital market awareness, and developing innovative and impactful products and services; all of which contribute to ensuring LRQA meet client needs as they manage risk in their operations.

Ian holds a BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree in Political Science (American University), and a Master of Arts degree in Religion/Human Rights (Yale University) and has comprehensive experience working in global leadership roles in the business consulting and sustainability sectors. Following that, Ian went on to found and build ELEVATE, which was acquired by LRQA in 2022.