Janet Salem

Programme Manager, Sustainable Consumption and Production, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Janet is an expert in sustainable consumption and production.  She has worked for the United Nations for over 13 years in Paris, Vienna and now Bangkok, where she leads the Asia and the Pacific work on sustainable lifestyles and innovation.  Janet’s work has focused on government partnerships to develop policies in a range of sectors, including sustainable tourism, eco labels, green buildings, education, media and sustainable development.  More recently, her work has evolved to private sector partnerships to enable sustainable consumption and production across eCommerce, food delivery, shopping malls, transport, venture capital and food systems. Janet set up the Sustainable Consumption and Production Winter Schools, and more recently the Asian Circular Economy Leadership Academy with Chulalongkorn University where she also provides training on Circular Economy concepts and sustainable lifestyles.  She also launched the Asia Pacific Low Carbon Lifestyles Challenge in 2018, which supports startups that offer circular economy business models that reduce plastic waste and carbon footprints of products and services. Janet has a Masters in Environmental Engineering from the University of New South Wales, Australia.

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