Jennifer Clarke Caruso

Jennifer Clarke

Director, Supplier Ownership, ELEVATE

Jennifer manages ELEVATE’s Supplier Ownership program to help retailers and brands develop strategies that recognize supplier performance, and assist suppliers to build effective and responsible sourcing programs.

Under Jennifer’s leadership, ELEVATE has helped retailers and customers develop specific guidelines, policies, and a graduation path to build capability among suppliers to manage and take ownership of improvement plans. She also leads ELEVATE’s work with vendors to develop all necessary steps towards supplier ownership at this point in the value chain.

Jennifer has unique experience working with suppliers to drive impact and help improve their relationship with customers. She began her career as a social responsibility specialist at Nordstrom, and then spent nine years at the Fair Labor Association (FLA) supporting licensees in their program development and later leading the organization’s accreditation program, evaluating high-performing responsible sourcing programs. She holds an MA from the University of Washington, and a BA from McGill University.

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