Julia Whitney

Julia Whitney

Project Manager, CSR Asia

Julia has an active interest in research, working with multinational clients on topics such as plastic marine debris, assessing the environmental costs of e-commerce, and the social and environmental impacts within the seafood supply chain. Early 2018, she was part of a team who released a briefing report on the seafood sourcing for customer facing seafood sellers.

Her current focal project is acting Secretariat for a coalition of industry members coming together to collectively advance the sustainable seafood market in Hong Kong through good sourcing practices.

Since joining CSR Asia, Julia has also been involved in comprehensive materiality assessments for GRI Standards reports, sustainability report writing and private sector engagement. She has worked with a number of clients including Gammon Construction Limited, Oxfam, Hopewell Holdings and Swire Beverages.

Prior to joining CSR Asia, Julia worked for an environmental awareness and education campaign that focused on plastic pollution and marine conservation in Hong Kong. Hailing from Canada, Julia previously worked as an environmental policy researcher with a focus on Environmental Impact Assessment best practices across multiple provincial and national jurisdictions.

Julia is a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Development Studies and Environment, Sustainability and Society Dalhousie University, Canada.