Kumkum Sazia Kutubuddin

Kumkum Sazia Kutubuddin

Senior Manager, Corporate Responsibility, PVH Far East

Kumkum Sazia Kutubuddin is the Senior Manager of the Corporate Responsibility department of PVH Far East Ltd. She is very proud of her job and the ready-made garment (RMG) sector in Bangladesh, because it is making the greatest contribution to women’s empowerment and equality in the country. Kumkum believes that women are equally supporting economic growth around the world as well as in Bangladesh.

Passionate about her work, Kumkum started her career with Nike Inc. With 19 years’ experience in corporate responsibility, Kumkum has worked with different international organizations and on a variety of multi-stakeholder initiatives around the world.

Kumkum earned her Master’s degree in Management and is also a qualified Chartered Accountant. She loves travelling with her family and her daughter is her most precious gift.

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