Mark Lim

Strategist and Legal Counsel, NamZ Pte Ltd

NamZ Pte Ltd is a bio-science innovation incubator that aims to create nutritious and sustainably-produced foods through the incorporation of underutilised, nutrient-rich and climate-resilient crops (Future Fit Crops) and novel food processing technologies in its products. NamZ is currently partnering with B2B customers on the use of its platform technologies and plans to launch its own B2C brand in 2020 which will encompass a range of innovative foods in its product portfolio.

As the Legal Counsel of NamZ, Mark oversees NamZ’s collaborations with finance and business partners, the protection of the group’s intellectual property as well as the advancement of business development opportunities.

In 2018, NamZ commenced the Nutritional Paradox initiative to bring together various stakeholders with the aim of resolving the health and environmental problems caused by the current food system. As a Strategist of the Nutritional Paradox, Mark is responsible for developing the initiative’s mission and formulating a strategic partnership proposal that aims to create a sustainable economy of Future Fit Crops. This is done through the implementation of agricultural, food processing and consumer behavioural change programmes that support the sustainable growth in both supply and demand for Future Fit Crops.

In 2019, Mark facilitated the Nutritional Paradox’s Breakthrough Experience Event (BEevent) where he led group of delegates in formulating a framework proposal relating to negative health labels on food packaging based on successful case studies.

Prior to joining NamZ, Mark was an associate in a Magic Circle law firm in London where he worked on dispute resolution, projects and finance matters.

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