About ELEVATE - Our People - Meghan Quinlan

Meghan Quinlan

Vice President, Client Services, ELEVATE

With a background in corporate social responsibility, certifications and economics, Meghan brings nearly 15 years’ experience in analytics, and in designing, implementing and scaling new global strategies and initiatives.

She has sector expertise in agriculture and apparel. Specifically, prior to joining ELEVATE, Meghan led the development and execution of new strategies for the certification, standards and impact teams at an international certification and marketing agency.

Additional projects and experience range from stakeholder engagement to supply chain analysis to capacity building. Her previous experience working as an economic consultant rounds out her background, enabling her to bring both financial and sustainability expertise to the table. She has lived in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Meghan joined ELEVATE in late 2014 to help clients on both short-term projects and support their long-term programs.