Patrick McKeller

VP, Improvement Services - ELEVATE

Having worked with and within a multitude of different stakeholders, Patrick’s greatest expertise lies in his ability to align departments and capabilities, and to unite people and components under a singular purpose or vision. Patrick has worked in a number of different environments, from directly with CEOs, to production facilities, and alongside buyers, product developers and merchandisers. He has led logistics and overseas operation management, run quality control efforts, and hosted large events. He has also had significant experience in supporting manufacturers, brands, retailers, and vendors in various compliance and improvement related efforts.

Within ELEVATE, Patrick utilizes all of this experience to help formulate pragmatic, impactful programs that help all stakeholders realize improvements in their sustainable social and operational performance. Patrick leads the delivery and implementation for all improvement service work within ELEVATE.

Prior to joining ELEVATE, Patrick spent six years working in the footwear industry as the Director of Sourcing Logistics and Compliance for a major U.S. footwear organization. During his time there, he oversaw all CSR, logistics, and quality control efforts.