Sabine Ritter

Sabine Ritter

Chief Executive Officer, MADE-BY

Sabine was appointed Chief Executive Officer of MADE-BY by the Board of Directors in April 2016. Sabine is responsible for all aspects of managing and developing MADE-BY, including its strategic plan.

Sabine is highly experienced in leading and managing global industry initiatives that are both effective and cost efficient, providing thought-leadership and building partnerships and working closely with boardroom level and senior executives from leading consumer goods companies as well as stakeholders across the value chain. All initiatives she has been involved in have been valued for their ability to create effective change.

Her interest in change management led her to a number of different assignments. From 2009-2015, Sabine worked for The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) as Executive Vice President, responsible for the work on strategy, sustainability, the end-to-end value chain and other key initiatives of the Forum.

Key achievements include the launch of the CGF Climate Change and Waste resolutions; working with the CGF members and other stakeholders on their implementation through best practices, stakeholder meetings and tools including the Implementation Toolkit, Commodity Sourcing Guidelines (Paper, Soy and Palm) and seminars as well as the launch of the public-private partnership Tropical Forest Alliance 2020. Prior to that, she was Managing Director of the Global Commerce Initiative (2002-2010).

Sabine has a Master in Business Administration from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany.