Simon Lee

Simon Lee

CEO, Wagon Group

Simon joined Wagon, a family owned business, in 2009 with an open mind and an enthusiastic vision. In just 5 short years, Simon transformed Wagon from a small company to a global enterprise. His ability to quickly identify synergies and streamline processes coupled with his futuristic supply chain planning enabled expansion to Vietnam, Tokyo and New York.

Being a frequent world traveler, Simon has developed a strong passion for the environment. During his time at Wagon he has implemented strict environmental policies to inherently demonstrate the importance of social responsibility. Each year Wagon is awarded by the government for its efforts to employ production automation and zero emission control.

Simon’s global mission is highly respected by many international customers including: FIFA, Olympics, LVMH Group, Coach, Tory Burch, etc. With proper leadership and guidance, we believe Wagon will continue to thrive in both the Giftware and Fashion business.

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