Sinat Hin

Capacity Building Consultant (MSMA Cambodia), ELEVATE

Based in Cambodia, Sinat has partnered with The Mekong Sustainable Manufacturing Alliance to deliver the social awareness trainings and factory engagement programs. Sinat has a varied background with experience in a multitude of areas. She has an excellent educational background. She obtained The Executive Master Degree from The Graduate Institute of Geneva, in Switzerland in Development Policies and Practices and other two bachelor degrees in Tourism Management and English Language. With these qualified backgrounds, that has allowed her to work in field of tourism, agriculture, in NGOs in different capacities, in a non-profit with disadvantaged children, in food and nutrition security and as well as in supply chain.

She has shown a real passion for economic empowerment and helping women, and through it all she has demonstrated her leadership and coordination skills. Sinat is a bright, thoughtful and committed individual.