Segmentation gives clients the tools they need to build more effective, resource-efficient, and impactful responsible sourcing programs.

ELEVATE gives responsible sourcing teams the strategic insights and fit-for-purpose program recommendations they need to drive deep and lasting impact and respond to the ever-evolving global sourcing landscape.


  • Risk intelligence on sourcing geographies and suppliers based on ELEVATE’s proprietary EiQ supply chain data
  • Enhanced visibility into existing internal sourcing practices and relationship with suppliers
  • Insight into prioritizing internal resources to manage risks and maximize impact on business operations and supply chain stakeholders
  • Recommendations for programs that are scalable, resource-efficient, tailored to client context and objectives, and applicable across global operations


STEP 1: Define the Segmentation Framework and Objectives

The process begins by defining the client’s needs, taking stock of current practices, and understanding future objectives. ELEVATE then takes a deep dive into the available data across the organization in order to build an analytical structure that is designed to meet those objectives and leverage client specific data.

STEP 2: Build the Model

For each client, ELEVATE builds a custom risk and business leverage model based on the client’s unique data inputs and priorities. This allows the analysis to meet client’s needs and ensures that the outcomes and recommendations are practical and fit for the client’s purpose, priorities, resources, and long-term goals.

STEP 3: Conduct Analysis

Analyzing the supply chain based on both risk and business leverage allows ELEVATE to generate insights that directly inform a strategic prioritization of investments. To do this, ELEVATE assigns risk across each supplier, site, or product category according to the custom risk model and based on EiQ risk indices, and generates a Segmentation supply chain “map” that can be filtered by business unit, sourcing region, product category and more directly on the EiQ Analyze platform. All analytical results are presented to the client to ensure alignment before proceeding to recommendations development.

STEP 4: Build Program Recommendations

No analysis is complete without a set of practical recommendations that allow the client to translate analytical insights into real impact. ELEVATE has teams across the globe conducting assessments, working on site to build capacity, and delivering an array of “beyond audit” solutions to improve supply chain performance. This on-the-ground expertise and experience allows ELEVATE to deliver action-oriented recommendations that are strategically informed by the Segmentation analysis and designed for real-world implementation.