Worker Engagement

We believe that what’s good for workers is also good for business.

We’re at the forefront of worker engagement solutions that leverage technology, training, worker voice, and worker-management dialogue to drive impact and improve business performance.

By giving workers a voice and the confidence that their concerns are being addressed, factory management can improve staff retention, increase employee productivity, and enhance communications between workers and management.

We capture direct perceptions and opinions of employees that audits alone cannot produce. We can then manage direct worker feedback to improve worker well-being in a measurable way that drives business impact results. This allows us to actually measure impact.

By using scientific sampling and correlative analysis, along with our industry knowledge and expertise, we support factories with innovative ideas and best practices to drive improvement in their operations and workforce management.

In addition, our new, innovative messaging app supports worker voice and the remediation of grievances. Using WeChat as the platform for this external and independent helpline, the grievance mechanism will enable you to:

  • Continuously monitor your supply chain in China and in Southeast Asian countries
  • Gain direct, unfiltered access to workers
  • See and understand the data on your dashboard
  • Know that workers in your supply chain have safe, secure and easy access to an external and independent grievance channel through which they can raise concerns or queries, be heard, and get results

We operate the following worker-driven helplines:

  • Amader Kotha in Bangladesh
  • Suara Kami in Malaysia, and its expansion into Indonesia
  • Nuestra Voz & C.A.S.A. in Spain
  • Nossa Voz in Brazil
  • Ungal Kural in India

ELEVATE integrates Laborlink into the assessment process

In 2017, ELEVATE acquired Laborlink technology to drive further innovation into the responsible sourcing audit industry. Laborlink is a mobile platform that establishes a two-way communication channel for workers to share their viewpoints in real time, and for organizations to have clear visibility of worker well-being in their supply chains.

Since 2010, Laborlink technology has been deployed in 20+ countries and has reached over 3,000,000 workers worldwide. Topics include forced labor & ethical treatment, health & safety, grievance mechanisms, sexual harassment and women’s health.

Laborlink and worker engagement have been incorporated into ELEVATE’s audits to gauge worker sentiment and ensure worker voice is integral to business success. Our mobile phone-based Worker Sentiment Survey includes 17 questions covering six topics that address:

  • Grievance mechanism
  • Work atmosphere
  • Wages and hours
  • Production efficiency
  • Workforce stability
  • Demographics

This non compliance-oriented survey offers insight to topics otherwise difficult to surface e.g. harassment, and provides workers’ perspective that helps validate the progress made in factories and on farms.

The Worker Sentiment Survey is a complimentary element of the ELEVATE Responsible Sourcing Assessment (ERSA).