Beyond Audit

Auditing has been a catalyst for driving sustainable change in the global supply chain. The number of workplace violations have been reduced. Conducting audits in factories, farms and workplaces has provided objective measurement so we can benchmark progress.

Yet auditing isn’t the only solution. We know that factories can be audited excessively, resulting in audit fatigue and unnecessary cost. The quality of audits can vary significantly. We know that in the cases like the Rana Plaza and Tazreen tragedies, auditing failed.

The industry has placed too much emphasis on auditing rather than on what happens before and after an audit.

We are at the forefront of leading the industry from an audit only model to what we call the beyond audit, or audit plus model. More holistic approaches enable employers to be better employers through capacity building, improved management systems and training. Beyond audit means that worker well-being, worker voice, productivity and stability are vital to sustainable operations and economic growth.

ELEVATE’s beyond audit approach focuses on fewer audits that are more professional and of higher quality plus the integrated consulting services prior to and following the audit that form part of the continuous improvement process.