Sustainabilty reporting is based on a robust materiality assessment to ensure it reflects issues relevant to your organization.

Our expertise covers a wide range of reporting requirements as we help companies disclose sustainability performance and engage stakeholders.

This covers materiality assessment, stakeholder engagement, impact measurement, supply chain assessment and mapping, collating data, data management, benchmarking and gap analysis against standards, using guidelines and frameworks and against industry peers.

We also offer a tailored approach for each of our clients. Every organization is at a different stage in the sustainability journey, with different needs. We listen deeply and understand your objectives. Then we put together a process which is personalized for your organization.

We are also experts on ESG issues in Asia through our Asia-based group, CSR Asia. We are a founding partner alongside Sustainalytics for the Channel NewsAsia Sustainability Ranking which identifies leading firms in sustainability across 11 key Asian economies and ranks them using a comprehensive ESG framework.