Compare your audit program results and trending by country, sector and alongside your peers.

Engage your ELEVATE team to support decisions about supplier and factory evaluation, new country entry and program effectiveness.

The role of our benchmarking services

Many of our existing clients already receive quarterly trend reports on program effectiveness. ELEVATE bench marking services can be used by both existing and new clients. They leverage this same logic but provide deeper insight into:

  • Trending over time that leverages 5+ years of audit history for over 110 countries
  • Comparative analysis for different sectors or product lines with over 20 sub-categories
  • Contextual analysis alongside inherent geo-political country and sector risks
  • Option(s) for more in-depth supply chain trend reports on countries and sectors
  • Recommendations on program effectiveness and tools to support impact outcomes

ELEVATE benchmarking analysis is filtered to show data from only transparent factories. This give us more confidence and a more accurate insight into factory dynamics and challenges.

What makes ELEVATE data of unique quality

  • We complete Supplemental Data Sheets (SDS) for all assessments
  • ELEVATE collects an additional 37 key performance indicators for every audit we conduct
  • This includes data on migrant workers, production volumes, working hours, wages etc.
  • We conduct transparency analysis to validate whether audit findings are reliable
  • Our audit teams are trained to identify inconsistencies between wage / working hours
  • This is compared to interviews, quality reports, CCTV recordings and observation protocols
  • We use this insight to categorize audits as transparent, inconsistent or inconclusive
  • We ensure all data is collected, stored and available for use by clients
  • With links to a supporting suite of systems including Tableau, client systems etc.
  • APIs are available for existing and new clients to support a live data “stream” and reporting