Calibrate your responsible sourcing program against industry initiatives, clients and peers.

With more than 200 different sustainability standards it is often difficult to know how well your responsible sourcing program compares against emerging regulation, industry initiatives, standards, clients and peers.

ELEVATE has long specialized in the design and delivery of client-specific audit programs. Some are strictly compliance-oriented while others drive outcomes based on partnership and collaboration. Each year we deliver thousands of audits against hundreds of these different industry and client protocols.

This makes us uniquely positioned to understand the intricacies of different programs and how these differences manifest on-the-ground during audit delivery and effective corrective action plan management.

Our equivalency services will enable you to:

  • Compare your Code of Conduct and program design
  • Against industry initiatives, standards or those of peers with similar supply chains
  • To emerging regulatory requirements e.g. new environmental laws in China
  • Generate audit results against different industry protocols and standards
  • Using the ELEVATE Responsible Sourcing Standard as a calibration tool
  • Generating a ranking, scoring and red flag analysis against each standard
  • Benchmark against ELEVATE supply chain risk indices, country and sector trends
  • Evaluate or prepare for the implications of mutual recognition with your chosen programs
  • Ensure your mutual recognition partners are likely to meet your expectations
  • Build tools to support internal engagement with your commercial teams

“Over the last five years our teams have built an extensive question bank that allows rapid comparison of the clauses and processes of each program. Implementing this work with clients, program coordinators and auditors motivates exciting improvements.” – Margot Sfeir, Director, Client Services

ELEVATE equivalency services are designed mainly for brands and suppliers / vendors. They support brands in effective and efficient program design and delivery. These programs build consumer and investor confidence and protect against emerging legislation. They support suppliers / vendors to build programs that meet and exceed the expectations of customers as they deploy supplier ownership and factory management protocols.