We understand that challenges exist on the factory floor and in management offices.

Our in-factory experience, supply chain technologies, and ELEVATE’s data and business orientation give us a unique perspective of factory portfolios and areas for improvement.

We know that audits effectively benchmark historical conditions in your factories, but what’s next? What can be done before and after the audit to increase impact and create sustainable change?

Our Beyond Audit insights allow us to holistically evaluate factories, segment them to identify best opportunities for successful engagement, design integrated programs with bundled services to address the needs of each segment and build the policy and procedure infrastructure. ELEVATE’s specialists – human resource managers, EHS specialists and productivity engineers – help create sustainable solutions to the most challenging business, technical, and social and labor issues.

We support hundreds of factories globally and utilize many of ELEVATE’s existing services in combination in order to engage and support factories. eLearning, worker surveys, KPI management, and onsite training are just some of the multiple touchpoints that we incorporate into our programs.

We help businesses throughout the value chain establish the case for investing in improving working conditions and developing a more sustainable, profitable operation.