The operating context for business is inherently complex and dynamic.

This includes a challenging geopolitical and macro-economic landscape, emerging regulatory pressures and shifting consumer expectations. Navigating this landscape effectively requires a proactive approach to risk assessment, risk management and program design.

Benefits and value

The ELEVATE supply chain risk indices have been designed to provide unique from-the-ground insight based our engagements with factories, vendors, agents and brands. This supports business to:

  • Determine risk exposure and vulnerability for all key sourcing countries
  • Generate sub-national scores / ranks for the markets of China, India, the United States etc.
  • Obtain sector specific insight for apparel, electronics, toys, retail and agriculture etc.
  • Design and build more effective responsible sourcing programs based on experience(s)

Index construction

Our supply chain risk indices draw on a combination of public domain data from best practice established sources. This is combined with ELEVATE proprietary analytics and expert insight collected by our in-field teams in over 110 countries. Our indices leverage more than 8 years of audit expertise and data combined with worker voice intelligence.

  • Social Compliance Risk: leverages inherent risk indicators on human vulnerability and legal protections; and combined with ELEVATE proprietary insight on risk prevalence relating to labour standards, health and safety and ethics.
  • Environmental Compliance Risk: based initially on public domain data relating to environmental pressure(s) such as climate change and water stress and state responses; blended with ELEVATE insight on factory infringements including environmental metrics, permits and infringements.

ELEVATE supply chain risk indices have been designed in collaboration with our customers for use with our segmentation, benchmarking and strategy work.