Our training experts know your industry and needs.

Corporate clients, retailers, suppliers and factories turn to our professional trainers to build awareness in sustainable supply chain performance. Comprehensive training programs that reinforce core messages aligned with your key objectives effectively build awareness and develop skills that improve performance in your organization.

Our teams work closely with you to develop and deliver relevant training programs. ELEVATE’s content development teams are at the forefront of the latest insights into trends in supply chain social, environmental, technical and business performance. These insights are derived from our proprietary data and industry knowledge collected across sourcing markets over the past decade.

Our training delivery takes the form of face to face classroom training and coaching, supplier summits and communication forums, virtual classrooms or webinars, and through our extensive eLearning program.

You can outsource your complete program to ELEVATE — content development, pre-, during and post-event logistics and surveys, dynamic teaching by experienced trainers, program facilitation, marketing and communications, and post-event feedback surveys.

We specialize in training at all levels of the supply chain, including factories, supervisors, suppliers, brands, buyers, internal CSR staff, and auditing teams. Our solution is an end to end service that will help you inform, train, and further engage the various stakeholders in your supply chain.