Webinar – The Role of Segmentation for Program Effectiveness

Prioritizing investment and engagement with suppliers

In this webinar we discuss how a segmentation exercise is the starting point for prioritizing investment and engagement with suppliers. Segmentation is an approach to better understand and engage with the supply base.

For decades responsible sourcing programs have focused on completing social audits of factories, farms, warehouses and other sites in your supply chain. This traditional approach can ultimately result in limited insight when we utilize only the top-down, compliance lens.

Segmentation leverages data to help assess risk and influence with individual sites, which then allows better program design with greater ROI and impact. The result is an effective and efficient program that drives continuous improvement and impact.


  • Erin Lyon, Global Head of Supply Chain Consulting, ELEVATE
  • Beth Holzman, Director, Supply Chain Consulting, ELEVATE
  • Jennifer Clarke, Director, Supplier Ownership, ELEVATE


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