Webinar - Using ESG data to improve supply chain resilience

In early May, BlackRock released a report on sustainability as a potential source and indicator of resilience during Covid-19 and future crises. This argument adds further momentum to the recognition of sustainability as a mainstream investment strategy and puts more pressure on companies to report on ESG metrics and how they are integrated into core business.

On June 10th ELEVATE will host a webinar focused on ESG data and its role as a leading indicator of supply chain resilience. We invite you to register and join ELEVATE’s leading supply chain scientist, Dr. Vignesh Venkataraman. During the webinar we will discuss the following key industry questions:

  • What is supply chain resilience and why is it important?
  • What is the current state of ESG data and its relationship with resilience?
  • How can we systematically use ESG data to evaluate supply chain resilience?
  • How experts and managers can integrate ESG data on supply chains into investment portfolios?

Vignesh will present examples from our EiQ supply chain intelligence / analytics platform and lead us through an insightful discussion with case studies on how ESG data builds resilience and supports more impactful responsible sourcing programs.


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