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Now in its ninth year the Summit is recognised as the most innovative and thought-provoking conference on corporate social responsibility in the region. The Summit is held in a different country each year and brings together a unique mix of business, government and civil society to address pressing concerns and understand important emerging trends.

The 2015 Summit returns to Malaysia with a focus on sustainable business strategies which bring shared value to business, community and society. Businesses are interested in ways that they can leverage more value through CSR and sustainability strategies. This requires improved accountability and transparency and the development of new and innovative partnerships with NGOs and the investment community.

The Summit will also reveal the top performing companies in the 2015 Channel NewsAsia Sustainability Ranking. The Ranking, developed in partnership with Sustainalytics and CSR Asia, will identify the top 100 companies in the region with the highest sustainability performance, based on a broad range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators. The Ranking provides investors and consumers with insights into corporate sustainability practices, and aims to provide businesses with a way to benchmark their performance against other regional businesses. Based on specific ESG indicators and methodology developed by Sustainalytics, a leading provider of ESG and corporate governance ratings and research, the Ranking highlights the overall top 20 companies as well as the top three businesses per country.  The territories covered are China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand,and new for 2015 – Japan.

Content this year will fall under three main themes:

Development challenges

2015 sees the launch of the new Sustainable Development Goals and there will be a significant role for the private sector in engaging with a new emerging development agenda. This will require businesses to address challenges such as poverty reduction through innovative new business models. Businesses will also have to tackle issues associated with disasters and protect the environment while contributing to development.

Human resources and workplaces

Human resource issues and human rights challenges are an integral part of any company’s CSR agenda. Emerging challenges around gender, migrant workers, human rights and modern day slavery are emerging as a source of risk and opportunity for businesses. Involving people in new and innovative community investment initiatives will be of growing importance to companies that want to recruit and retain talent.

The environment and sustainability

The environment continues to be central to the sustainable development agenda and the sessions in this stream will examine business perspectives on some of the biggest challenges facing us over the next decade. The workshops will examine the role of the private sector in mitigating and adapting to environmental change.









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