Experts gathered at the CSR Asia Summit 2016 to encourage innovative sustainability leadership

The 10th annual CSR Asia Summit returned to Hong Kong on 28 and 29 September with a focus on bold and effective sustainability leadership.

Gathering over 70 influential speakers and 500 attendees from 25 countries, the Summit successfully created a forum for representatives from businesses, government, academic organisations and the community to share and connect. Attendees and speakers used the 20 breakout sessions over the 2 days to evolve existing sustainability dialogue and create new and foster existing partnerships.

The Summit also announced the top performing companies in the 2016 Channel NewsAsia Sustainability Ranking. The Ranking provides investors and consumers with insights into corporate sustainability practices, and sets a benchmark for business performance against other regional businesses. The top 3 companies in the Ranking for 2016 are:

  • •  1st Wipro Ltd, India
  • •  2nd City Developments Limited, Singapore
  • •  3rd Lite-On Technology Corp., Taiwan

Key findings of the 2016 Channel NewsAsia Sustainability Ranking

•  Companies in the technology sector captured the largest proportion of positions (38 of 100) in the Ranking.
•  Eighty-two percent of companies in the top 100 are from Japan (33), Taiwan (20), India (16) and South Korea (13). Regulatory oversight of corporate sustainability disclosures is likely the reason for companies in these countries to take leading positions.
•  Five Japanese companies havebeen placed in the top 20 of this year’s Ranking, up from only one in the 2015 Ranking.
•  The top five companies in the 2016 Ranking are Wipro Ltd. (India), City Developments Limited (Singapore), Lite-On Technology Corp. (Taiwan), Hankook Tire Co., Ltd. (South Korea) and Qisda Corporation (Taiwan).

At the CSR Asia Summit 2016, the 4 main themes, “Strategic Value Creation”, “Business Leadership for Sustainable Development “, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” and “Make it Happen”, were covered over the 2-day summit. Under the stream “Strategic Value Creation” business leaders and professionals explored how to lead society to co-create shared value through sustainable business strategies in order to address global complex challenges and develop corporate social innovation.

Dr Richard Welford, Chairman and Founder of CSR Asia said, “Bold and effective leadership - from business, government and individuals - is required to drive the sustainability agenda forward in Asia Pacific. Our decision to host the CSR Asia Summit once again in Hong Kong, reflects our view that the city is an ideal hub for advancing this agenda.”

“In order to grow awareness and create initiatives which nurture sustainability leaders, we also need to shape the future landscape across the region. Factors which will play a crucial role in this include intensive training on shared value creation, organisational culture cultivation, innovation roadmap development, community investment measurements and identifying opportunities for corporate social responsibility.”

For 2017, the location of the CSR Asia Summit is yet to be announced, but we will be doing this very soon so keep tuned in for updates!


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